Tuesday, December 16, 2008

madison is cold.

it's -4 degrees outside. I don't know what it is about the cold that makes people so nuts.

but seriously whoever thought of putting the holidays in the season when people were already grumpy enough was an idiot.

Don't stress people out money-wise AND freeze their privates off.

One more person complaining about the way our store is set up or how expensive things are and I'm going to fly off the handle.

Holidays are supposed to be FUN people, and please stop complaining and/or going up the chain, I really have more important things to do than selling you the popcorn for the same price that the concessionists sell it to you.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

on loving shane.

I feel I haven't been fair in my description of the relationship between shane and I. He is my best friend, my confidant, my rock. There have been times in our relationship where I would not have survived the evening if he hadn't been there to pick up the pieces.

When Shane and I are together the world is rose-colored. Worries and doubts are there, but we figure out how to deal with them. He makes me think clearly and stand up for myself. I keep him headed in the right direction and remind him how life works.

We really do "complete each other" no matter how overused the phrase. There are times when I'm lying next to Shane, he pulls me closer and it feels like it would never be close enough unless or bodies meshed together and became one.

Passion isn't always there, it isn't lacking but isn't priority. Priority is working together, paying the few bills we share, taking turns with the dog chores.

It's just so....obvious. So easy to see, we are synchronized to each other's moves. Before anything is even said the other has already completed it. There is nothing we can't do in life as long as the other is there.

Love conquers all right? As long as you work for it.

Monday, December 8, 2008

oh, hello little brother.

I am my mom's only child.

However, do not confuse this to mean I am an only child.
No, not an only, in fact I'm one of ten. I suppose the most interesting thing about this situation is there are NINE mothers. Nine mothers, ten children. Dear lord.

I grew up oblivious to the way I was really created, when I hit eighteen my brother(who'd known the true story for about two years having reached eighteen first) decided to tell this story to every single person we know. At first I was mortified and then I had a realization, this story really explains who I am.

My father was married to my brother's mom. Austin(the brother)'s mom met mine at the college bookstore and well they became friends. Mom somehow ended up living with dad and his wife and well, they had a threesome. This was the only time mom ever had sex with dad...and yes I am the product of said threesome.

My dad has been a very very busy man since the early eighties, creating all of us "blessings". My youngest brother is now sixteen and driving. Geezus the thought. Anyway, he randomly surprised me a few days ago by showing up at my house in his little green Subaru. It was nice to see him, not so nice when I a the call from his mother freaking out wondering where her little runaway was. I guess he was having a hard time and thought the 180 mile drive to my place was well worth the wrath of dad and his mom.

Dad's house never has been the greatest place for teenagers.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

100 sexual things about little miss madison.

1. My first real kiss was when I was fourteen.
2. I really really love kissing.
3. If you bite, nibble, or pull on my lips I will melt in your arms.
4. If you let me I can make-out for hours.
5. Kissing is more intimate and means much more to me than sex.
6. Since I hit puberty I can't remember what anything but horny feels like.
7. I've had six sexual partners.
8. I only have anal sex with men I completely trust.
9. When I was fourteen I was raped by a friend, my mom was in the next room getting high.
10. I'd never seen a penis before that day.
11. The first time I masturbated, I unleashed a beast.
12. The first thing I ever used was a soap bottle, I softly rubbed it on my clit.
13. It took me three years after that to discover insertion.
14. I've used bananas, sausages, hairbrushes, handles and pots, electric toothbrushes and the shower head.
15. I really enjoy being fisted.
16. I've never used a vibrator. ever.
17. I really really want to fuck someone with a strap-on.
18. I started having sexual dreams at age eight.
19. I thought I would get in trouble for having them and jumped every time my mom spoke because I thought she knew.
20. My fiance is by far the best lay I've ever had.
21. My favorite way to come is his fist in me and his tongue on my clit.
22. I really enjoy rough sex.
23. Choke me baby.
24. I've watched my friend get her cunt licked by a dog, and sadly enough it was interesting.
25. I want to see my fiance have sex with another girl, as long as he treats her like a little cock-slut.
26. My boobs don't really feel much.
27. I can have multiple orgasms.
28. I've had sex in a hotel.
29. I've had sex in a movie theater.
30. I had sex watching high-school musical.
31. I’ve had sex while my eight year old sister was sleeping on the next bed.
32. I've had sex in a river multiple times and I love it.
33. I've had sex with my mom in the same room sleeping.
34. I’ve had sex on a horse.
35. I really hate car sex.
36. I want my fiance to get a vibrating tongue ring.
37. I dislike 69ing.
38. I've never officially come out.
39. My first sexual dreams involved massive amounts of people.
40. Most of them worshiped me.
41. I first questioned my sexuality at the age of nine.
42. I've never had food sex.
43. Shower sex is boring.
44. If it's going to be water lets make it outside.
45. I've had countless amounts of camping sex.
46. I really want to finger my mans ass.
47. Big cocks scare me.
48. I'm really not attracted to ugly men.
49. I love cum, any kind, in me, on me. Put it on my face, have me lick it up, I love it.
50. I’ve gone a week without a shower so that I felt like his cum was still on me while he was away.
51. I want to fuck another guy while Shane watches.
52. The word pussy grosses me out. That doesn't sound fun, like a cunt should sound.
53. Hair is a giant turn off. Please shave the down stairs.
54. My bedsheets are all black.
55. I've never done anything past making out with a girl.
56. My dad has walked in on me having sex.
57. If it's sexual it's sex in my book.
58. I think saving it for marriage is just plain stupid. who wants to have sex with only one person?
59. I really love porn.
60. I'd really like to have sex with my fiance's roomate.
61. I love sucking cock. I'll do it anywhere anytime.
62. I still imagine having sex with my best friend from highschool (a girl).
63. I only recently started experiencing actually orgasms.
64. If you suck my toes I will be on you in no time.
65. I hate cowgirl.
66. I love the smell of a cunt.
67. I love being chocked.
68. I love anal.
69. I love the look of cunts.
70. I love being tied up.
71. I love the idea of being caught at any moment.
72. I love sex in public places.
73. I love to make my man want me.
74. I love being spanked.
75. I love being bitten.
76. I love being scratched with fingernails, pinwheels, knives, etc.
77. I love the idea of fucking two men at once.
78. I want to be gang-fucked.
79. A sensual massage is nice too.
80. I have a collection of vintage playboys and hustlers.
81. My mom gave me a sex book and some porn for my eighteenth birthday.
82. I really want to fuck one of my parent's married friends. I'd like it even better if his wife joined in.
83. I fucked my sister's boyfriend and never told her.
84. I also made-out with my brother's girlfriends. I made a point to do so with almost everyone.
85. I love being thrown up against a wall and then forced into being fucked.
86. I love the way my cunt feels after a good session of rough sex, the pounding makes me want more.
87. I once soaked my sheets from a dream so wet, I had to wake up and change them.
88. shove your dick down my throat, I"ll be your cock-slut.
89. I'm up for just about anything.
90. I really want to make home pornos.
91. I want to fuck one of my mom's friends.
92. I've got really high standards. If you don't meet them you better have a damn good personality.
93. I sneak off to masturbate at work.
94. I almost asked my boss to have an affair with me,then thought better of the situation.
95. I've made out with a cousin. (way way extended)
96. I've only regretted one person I've ever been with.
97. I was the first of my friends to lose my virginity at age 16.
98. There is a man online that I really wish was here licking my cunt right now.
99. My ultimate quest is to convince my fiance into expending his horizons.
100. I'd really like to have sex with a girl while my fiance was fucking a man.


Friday, December 5, 2008

madison rants.

My mother and I were supposed to have a date this evening. Just a nice little mother-daughter go out to eat kind of thing. Well, it was a rather spur of the moment idea and about half-way through my day I was reminded of a double date Shane and I were supposed to have with a couple of his friends.

The situation turned into an all-out mother daughter smack down (not physically of course only verbally) and it ended up being a rushed trip to a local fast-food joint.

I hate to say it but I was really looking forward to hanging out with my mother. We haven't been able to find the time in months and I miss her. I guess we'll just have to re-schedule. Part of me wants to fake sick tomorrow like a kid in middle school. But, as Shane needlessly reminded me, that is not what grown women do.

Sometimes I just want to say poop to the entire grown up thing.

Neverland is sounding rather grand to me.

Shane meets fantasies.

Shane came over last night, he just walked right in the house and well, got a nice view of me enjoying a cute blond on the television.

However, this got us into a conversation about our fantasies and helped us explore a little more territory with each other. His ears finally peaked on the whole three-some idea. So we'll see how that goes.

I've been chatting with an old friend for a few months now, she just recently split with her girlfriend (a shocker to me since she's from my childhood in redneck land). Anyway, she's thinking about coming to stay with me for awhile.

She's a gorgeous red-head with an incredibly toned body and a confidence only possessed by once high-school cheerleaders.

I'm excited to see her, but a little worried about where she'll sleep. My apartment is not exactly accommodated for two.

And she can't stay in my room thats for sure.